Nyota e.V.’s latest donation appeal

We need your help to help children and families in Kenya

In view of the current situation in Kenya, we would like to emphasise once again the importance of helping people to help themselves. The Nyota team in Kenya is working tirelessly in the forest gardens, vegetable gardens and on the fields. The goal is to combat the growing hunger and poverty on the ground. Time is of the essence, as high prices and rising inflation make the situation even worse for many children and families. We need help to consolidate and deepen our work on the ground. You can help with a donation, a monthly sponsorship or a combination of both. Your contribution arrives and works – for many people. Anyone who has visited us on the ground can attest to this.

Nyota e.V. looks after over 200 children and young people. Even small increases in the cost of living and schooling have a significant impact on our budget. We are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the rising costs. Therefore we are dependent on additional donations.

Every donation helps us to promote help for self-help among the people in Lwala. We are grateful for any support and ask you to spread the word among your friends and acquaintances. Please contact us if you have any questions. Together we can make a difference. Nyota e.V. has been promoting help for self-help in Kenya for 20 years.

Nyota provides immediate relief, but has a long-term approach to helping people help themselves in Kenya.

The Nyota nursery school and its orphans are fed from their own fields and vegetable gardens. However, as part of the local community, we cannot stand by and watch their families go hungry. We want to help more people and inform them about yield-enhancing and sustainable farming methods. We are therefore planning to intensify the free workshops for small farmers. For this we need working and building materials, seedlings, seed and other trained staff. Nyota’s farmland is currently being used to the full to ensure good harvests for the coming months and to build up stocks. These will be used to feed the nursery children, the Nyota team and needy families. We have been deploying additional staff for several weeks to take advantage of the crucial period of the rainy season, which is still ongoing. We have reported on the causes of the current situation on several occasions, see links below. Contact for questions or cooperation proposals: Alexander Krziwanie 0177 293 16 92

Food preparation at the Nyota nursery school in Lwala – fresh food from the garden is cooked every day.

Overview of current needs for the year 2023

Donations and sponsorships can help Nyota e.V. to cover these costs and thus help the people in Kenya. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donations and sponsorships.

Primary School

Currently 111 children are attending primary school. Not all costs could be covered by sponsorship contributions.

College Costs

Currently 10 young people are attending colleges and universities. Not all costs have been and will be covered by the current sponsorships.

8.500€ Establishment of forest gardens / food forests

Establishment of a further 5 forest gardens to ensure long-term food security and income generation.

Secondary School

Currently 33 children are attending secondary school. Not all costs could be covered by sponsorship contributions.

Nursery Repairs

The nursery’s kitchen needs repairs, as well as a playroom and a classroom for the nursery’s orphans.

4.300€ Expansion of Nyota growing farms

Expansion of the organic farming area to provide food for the children and families of the Lwala community.

Vocational Trainings

There are currently 4 young people in vocational training, and more would like to join.

3.800€ Workshops for small-scale farmers

Promoting knowledge transfer and networking among local smallholder farmers to improve food security in Lwala, Kenya.

3.500€ für Primary Teachers and workshop leaders

For extra tuition for primary school pupils and to support the regular teaching at Lwala Primary School. Workshop leader for community seminars.

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