The Association Nyota e.V.

„Nyota“ (Kiswahili) means „star“ – a symbol of hope

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The association Nyota eV was founded in Mannheim in 2003 with the goal of helping orphans and young people in western Kenya. The foundation grew out of an initial private initiative of the deceased and the initiator and co-founder Bärbel Kirschenlohr. In the years before the association was founded she had already been supporting orphans in Kenya on a private basis by funding school sponsorships and award of family assistance. All members of the association are volunteers, donations go to 100 percent to the project work in Kenya. The association does not maintain premises, the working groups in Mannheim and Berlin are open and helpers are always more than welcome.

All activities of  Nyota eV are realized in close collaboration with the team of Nyota CBO in Kenya. Right in Kenya the work is coordinated and managed by the project manager Wyclife Oyugi. Once or twice a year members of the Executive Board travel to Kenya, also volunteers from Germany are present several months a year. The Association Nyota e.V. 
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Der Verein Nyota e.V. - STERN - The Association Nyota e.V.

Der Verein Nyota e.V.