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As a sponsor, you give an orphan a chance to get an education!

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The acquisition of a sponsorship means direct help, education and the opportunity of a future for a child in Kenya. Caregivers that take in orphans after the death of their parents or even the remaining parent are rarely able to provide the adequate support for the children. Due to the lack of funds, many of the children have to drop out of school or do not even have the chance to visit them. The acquisition of a sponsorship for a child means direct help, education and a chance for a future. Sponsorships are considered as donations and are tax deductible. At the beginning of a year you receive a certificate for all donations made in the previous year.

Nyota Patenschaft Waisenkinder Kenia

Here you will find an overview of the sponsorships with which you can support individual children and young people as well as our work in Kenya. Find out more about the individual sponsorships. Contact us with any questions – we’re here to help.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=“Funding sponsorship„] Support a project of your choice with a monthly contribution. For example, we can partly pay a local teacher´s salary with € 25 a month, with 50 € up to five malaria treatments are paid. As a promotional sponsor we inform you regularly by our newsletter. Learn more…[/su_spoiler]

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Secure the pre-school education of children in our daycare. The children are lovingly cared for by trained and experienced kindergarten teachers. With 35 € a month you allow a needy orphan between 3 and 6 years to receive a personal development in a sheltered environment. Learn more… [/su_spoiler]
Sponsorship Occupational Training & College
Secure a child’s vocational training after completion of primary or secondary school. For example, with 50 € per month a graduate can become a tailor or visit a college to become a teacher so that after graduation they will be able to generate their own income. Learn more…
[su_spoiler title=“School sponsorship„] Durch die Übernahme einer Primary Patenschaft z.B. sichern Sie den Schulbesuch eines Waisenkindes in einer der örtlichen Primary Schools ab Klasse 1. Dank Ihrer Unterstützung bekommt das Kind alle nötigen Schulmaterialienl. Kosten: 110€ jährlich. Erfahren Sie mehr… [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=“Patenschaft Berufsausbildung & College„] Sichern Sie einem Kind eine Berufsausbildung nach dem Abschluß der Primary oder Secondary Schule oder einen weiterführendeb Collegebesuch. Mit z.B. 50€ monatlich kann eine Schulabgängerin eine Ausbildung zur Schneiderin absolvieren oder ein Lehrercollege besuchen, um später ein eigenes Einkommen erwirtschaften zu können. Erfahren Sie mehr… [/su_spoiler]N
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